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There's an app (& why you should download it)!

Greetings Friends,

Yes, we have an app! And yes, this is a repeat of an older blog but please, read on!

New information follows:

Our app is through Spaces by Wix and it is available for free. TerraLuna's invite code is LRQYUK.

The app is a convenient way to connect with TerraLuna on the go; check your schedule, book your next Pilates class, or send us a message. And, as we recently discovered, the app is the perfect way to send out last-minute notices before class, such as an eleventh hour class cancellation, or (recent case in point), a change to the parking situation at the studio.

This past weekend an event impacted the parking on 3rd Street and the surrounding blocks. Those who were connected to the app received a pop-up notice on their phone altering them to the situation, advising them to plan a little extra time into their arrival, and giving some suggestions on parking. Super handy and super easy!

The only thing currently missing from the app is the ability to receive text reminders for upcoming classes. If text reminders are a "must" for you, please schedule your classes on the web browser on your phone or by using a tablet or a desktop computer.

No matter your preferred method of scheduling classes, the app is still useful for rare but important events!

I wish for you peace in each day and joy in your body.



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