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Located in German Village, the 3rd + Dayton complex was once the headquarters of the Ohio Casualty Insurance Company. The building dates from 1927 and is now home to TerraLuna, a Pilates and Massage Studio. 

Witnessing the rebirth of our "City of Sculpture" over the past decade is part of the inspiration behind TerraLuna. An immense amount of planning and good stewardship went into the preservation of this city and it has been a privilege to watch those efforts flourish.


We are thrilled to invest in Hamilton too. TerraLuna is a place for community-building and wellness in the heart of Hamilton. We are here, breathing new life into one of our historic buildings, and we want you to be here too.

We are proud to call Hamilton home.





from the Latin

1. land or territory

2. Earth




from the Latin

1. Moon

The Wellness Center Hamilton Didn't Know It Needed

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