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The most important question:

It's Easy!

You have several options for how to begin Pilates. 


Visit the Getting Started page for some suggestions. If you are feeling overwhelmed or confused, simply call the studio. We're here to provide the personal attention you deserve on your wellness journey!

Getting Started

  • What is Pilates?
    Pilates is an exercise program originally developed by Joseph Pilates. Pilates participants focus on developing strength and flexibility through the art of controlled movement. ​ Pilates is a series of activities guided by a certified instructor who ensures proper technique and provides an enjoyable and safe workout designed to improve core strength, tone and lengthen the muscles, increase flexibility, and improve balance. ​ Some Pilates studios offer mat classes which take place on a yoga mat on the floor. TerraLuna is special in that we offer only Reformer Pilates. ​ The Reformer is the piece of equipment featuring a sliding platform called a carriage and a series of springs and pulleys attached to straps for the hands or feet. Reformer Pilates allows for a wide range of exercises that stretch, strengthen and support the body. ​ Pilates can be modified to accommodate most body types and health concerns. Many of the activities are done lying down and are accessible for all ages, fitness levels, and many health challenges such as joint pain or previous injuries.
  • I have a health condition/I am living with a disability. Can I participate?
    In all likelihood, yes, you can, but, as with beginning any new physical activity, it is always recommended to check with your primary healthcare provider to review your specific situation. Before attending your first Private Lesson or Group Reformer Class, you will sign a waiver stating that you are physically and medically able to participate.​ That being said, one of the many, many awesome things about Pilates is that almost everyone can participate! Pilates can be modified to accommodate most body types, health histories, and ability levels. At TerraLuna we strive to make all bodies welcome, safely, and comfortably. We are here to work with you, to meet you where you are today. We invite you to call the studio to discuss your particular situation and how we can best accommodate you.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Water and a sense of adventure! Beverages other than water are not permitted in the studio. Socks specifically designed for Pilates/Yoga with rubberized treads on the bottom are helpful and more comfortable than going barefoot but are not required. We typically have Pilates socks for Guests to borrow. Regular socks are not permitted on the Reformer as they are a slip hazard.
  • What do I need to leave at home?
    Beverages other than water, electronics, and inner critics. We pride ourselves on hosting a peaceful and calm environment. You will be invited to disconnect while at the studio, meaning that cell phones will kindly be silenced and set aside during class. You will also be invited to silence your inner critic and accept yourself as you are in the moment.
  • How often should I attend class/When can I expect to experience results?
    ​As with most types of physical activity, the more often you participate, the faster you will see results. That being said, at TerraLuna we believe it's also important to be realistic and practical. Our goal is to help you develop habits that can be sustained in the long term, which lead to a lifestyle including Pilates as an important aspect of self-care. ​ Generally, Guests attending class 2-3 times per week feel (and see!) results within 6-12 weeks.
  • What COVID-19 measures are in place?
    *Updated March, 2024; while we continue to follow current CDC guidelines on self-quarantine and masking, there are no society-wide COVID-19 measures in place. Please see general illness policy for more detailed information.* Previous Policy, Subject to Reinstatement Without Notice: All Instructors and Licensed Massage Therapists on staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Unvaccinated Guests are expected and thanked in advance for properly wearing a mask covering the mouth and nose at all times while in the studio. Guests will use the cleaner provided to sanitize the Reformer and all pieces of equipment used during class. ​ TerraLuna follows all state and local regulations as well as CDC best practices and Ohio State Medical Board guidelines. Licensed Massage Therapists will continue wearing masks during treatment sessions. All Guests are encouraged to wear masks during their treatments with unvaccinated Guests being required to wear masks. Guests feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms of illness must cancel their Private Lesson/Group Reformer Class/Massage Therapy Appointment. Guests arriving at the studio displaying symptoms of illness will be asked to reschedule. ​ Guests who have a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, Guests who are quarantining/have family members in quarantine, or Guests caring for a family member with COVID-19 will be granted a membership pause, without penalty. Proof of COVID diagnosis and/or proof of negative COVID test may be requested.
  • Parking
    TerraLuna is located at the 3rd + Dayton complex. Most convenient to the studio entrance is the free on-street parallel parking available on 3rd Street. Other options include the free parking lot on the south side of the building off Magnolia. Covered parking is available inside the MuDulin parking garage at 3rd and Market Street. ​ Parking availability and cost are subject to change without notice. TerraLuna, LLC assumes no liability for the security of Guests' vehicle and/or personal property.
  • Studio Facilities
    TerraLuna does not have locker rooms or shower facilities but we do have an ADA accessible restroom in which Guests are welcomed to change clothes.
  • Is there a membership purchase obligation?
    TerraLuna does not believe in any form of purchase obligation. Guests will never be required or asked to commit to any amount of time, minimum purchase agreement, or obligation beyond those which they themselves set for their own benefit. We are here to support you in your journey. TerraLuna's mission is to educate you about the value and benefits of Pilates, help you set reasonable expectations, and provide to you the highest quality in Pilates instruction so you can experience the results for yourself. Please note: all memberships require a credit card on file which will be automatically billed on an ongoing monthly basis until membership is cancelled. See "Billing Polices" and "How do I cancel my membership?" for more information.
  • Cancellation Policy
    Twenty-four (24) hours notice is required to cancel a Group Reformer Class/Private Lesson/Semi-Private Lesson/Massage Therapy Appointment without penalty. Cancellations occurring with less than 24 hours notice will result in: The loss of the class session off of a Terra (4 lesson), Aether (8 lesson), Zodiac (12 lesson), or Luna (20 lesson) Membership package -or- Private Lesson/Semi-Private Lesson/Massage Therapy Appointment will be charged in full. No Shows will be penalized as above without exception. -We do not retain credit card information nor do we have access to credit cards on file as -automatic billing method. -An invoice reflecting cancellation fees will be sent as applicable and payment is due immediately upon receipt. -A $10.00 late fee will be added each month overdue invoices remain unpaid.
  • Waitlist Policies
    All Group Reformer classes have a Waitlist which can accommodate up to six (6) Guests and we encourage you to utilize this feature to get the most out of your monthly membership! You must be on the Spaces by Wix app and have notifications enabled. When you clear the Waitlist you will receive a notification via the app. You will then have three (3) hours to confirm your space in class. If you do not reply within three (3) hours the app automatically cycles to the next Guest. TerraLuna staff can also manually move Guests from the Waitlist into class. When we manually add Guests to class we will also send a message on the app or an e-mail congratulating you on clearing the Waitlist. Just like the app, you will have three (3) hours to reply to our message, thereby confirming your space in class. If we do not receive a confirmation reply within this time frame, we will go to the next person on the Waitlist. The standard Cancellation Policy applies to all confirmed spaces in all classes If you clear the Waitlist while also having a confirmed reservation on the same day in a less-desired class you may choose which class you would prefer to attend. If you are outside of the Cancellation Policy window you are responsible for cancelling the less-desired class. If your clear the Waitlist inside of the Cancellation Policy window (24 hours) it is your responsibility to communicate your double-bookings to us as we will gladly remove you from the less-desired class without penalty. If you do not communicate your double-booking to us, the regular Cancellation Policy applies.
  • Illness Policy
    We are committed to providing a healthful environment for all Guests and staff. If you or a family member are feeling unwell kindly cancel your class. You will not be penalized for cancelling class due to illness, even inside of the typical 24-hour cancellation policy window. We encourage you to rest, recover, and protect others! If you are within 24 hours of your class time you will not be able to cancel yourself so please text, call, or use the Spaces App to send the studio a message and we will cancel your class for you. Class(es) cancelled under this policy will be credited back to the Guest's account. It is then the Guest's responsibility to re-book and use their class(es) within the remainder of the current membership period. In the event that insufficient time remains in the current membership period to reschedule the cancelled class(es), it should generally be understood that unused class(es) will expire (see the Refunds Policy below for more information). However, this circumstance will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please Note: This policy applies only to infectious illnesses, not injuries, aches, pains, or other non-infectious conditions. No-Shows without communication will be handled per the typical cancellation policy.
  • How do I contact the studio?
    To late cancel a class and for questions on billing, membership, help with the website or app: Go into the App At bottom task bar (bottom of screen) select Chat Select TerraLuna, LLC (not Lynelle). If you don’t see this option, go to the icon of the pencil with paper (at the top right corner) to open up Message options. Select TerraLuna, LLC Official (not Lynelle) Following these steps gets your message straight to the desk of Norman Wilson and ensures you the speediest possible help. Please do not: Use the "Get in Touch" Message button in your Spaces by Wix app! This does not go to Norman Wilson and you will therefore have a delay in resolution of your issue. Use Lynelle’s Gmail address to contact her – it is not monitored. Please use Lynelle's Yahoo address only. E-mail should only be used for non-time-sensitive communications. Text Lynelle for late cancellations. Please text her only if you are running late to class. Norman Wilson is available to answer all your questions and help with any issues, including late cancellations. When in doubt, contact him and he will make sure Lynelle knows you’re running late. Thank you for understanding that we disconnect from phones, social media, and the computer as much as possible in the evenings after classes and on Sundays (Lynelle’s only day off).
  • Inclement Weather
    We are committed to the safety of all Guests and staff. TerraLuna's Instructors will be monitoring winter weather advisories and Butler County Snow Emergency Levels in order to cancel class(es) with as much notice as possible. Guests will not be penalized for cancelling class, even inside of the typical 24-hour cancellation policy window, due to hazardous weather or driving conditions. If you are within 24 hours of your class time you will not be able to cancel yourself so please text, call, or use the Spaces App to send the studio a message and we will cancel your class for you. Class(es) cancelled under this policy will be credited back to the Guest's account. It is then the Guest's responsibility to re-book and use their class(es) within the remainder of the current membership period. In the event that insufficient time remains in the current membership period to reschedule the cancelled class(es), it should generally be understood that unused class(es) will expire (see the Refunds Policy for more information). However, this circumstance will be considered on a case-by-case basis. No-Shows without communication will be handled per the typical cancellation policy.
  • Can I show up to the studio and take a class at the last minute?
    No, this is generally not possible for several reasons: ​ All Guests, even out-of-town, one-time visitors must make a profile in order to have signed waivers and payment information on file before class begins. ​ We have a limited number of Reformers available so a reservation is required to ensure equipment for all participants.
  • Now I'm confused. I saw a "Drop-In Class" for sale, didn't I?"
    Yes, you did! Drop-In pricing is designed for Guests who are visiting Hamilton from out of town. This one-time purchase still needs to be made on the website in advance and still requires the creation of a Guest profile. And, most importantly, Drop-In Guests require a class reservation. If you are visiting from out of town and want to take a Pilates class, we look forward to meeting you!
  • Billing Policies ​
    All membership profiles require a current valid credit card in the name of the Guest (or parent/guardian in the event of minor Guests). ​ ALL MEMBERSHIPS ARE RECURRING. Terra, Aether, Zodiac, and Luna level memberships are automatically billed on a monthly basis until cancelled by Guest. Membership dues are billed on the same day each month. Memberships established on the 31st day of a month will be billed on the last day of months with fewer than 31 calendar days. Constellation packages are a one-time purchase and are not automatically re-billed. All class reservations, from recurrent memberships, packages, or Drop-In Class purchases must be pre-paid. Class spots being held without payment will be removed from the schedule. ​ Debit cards are not recommended to establish a membership profile. ​ Under no circumstances will TerraLuna, LLC be liable for overdraft fees, over limit fees, transaction fees, or any other penalty or fee assessed to Guests' card of record. Refunds are not available. Please see Refund Policy for more information.
  • Are there any other fees I need to know about?
    TerraLuna never charges any "set up", "activation", or "intake" fees. We do not charge "club enhancement fees" nor do we pass along credit card transaction fees to our Guests. Sales tax is already included in Massage Therapy pricing. Late fees are added to overdue invoices. Please see Cancellation Policy for more information.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    Guests may cancel their membership at any time prior to their billing date. Memberships cannot be reliably cancelled on the billing date. Under no circumstances are refunds available for memberships which have been billed. Please see Refunds Policy for more information.
  • How far ahead can I book? Do classes "roll over"?
    Monthly memberships Terra, Aether, Zodiac, and Luna are respectively four, eight, twelve, or twenty classes per one singular thirty-day billing cycle. Classes are not "credits" and do not roll over from one billing cycle to the next. We kindly request Guests: -Not to book classes beyond their current billing cycle. -To refrain from having multiple/concurrent memberships. -To avoid making Drop-In Class bookings to exceed their current thirty-day booking window. -To acknowledge that the Constellation package of 7 classes for use over 3 months is not to be used to exceed their current thirty-day booking window but is, instead, to be used to "fill in" extra classes within the current booking window. If in violation of the above Guests will receive a notice reminding them of this policy and will have their schedule corrected in the following manner: -Any classes extending beyond the current billing cycle will be removed from the schedule. -Classes removed will be returned to Guest's account. -Guest assumes responsibility for attempting to rebook during the current billing cycle only, understanding that class availability is limited. Under no circumstances are refunds available. Please see Refund Policy for more details.
  • Refunds
    Terra, Aether, Zodiac, and Luna Membership purchases are non-refundable and non-transferrable. ​ All other purchases (Constellation Package, Private and Semi-Private Reformer Lessons/Package, Massage Therapy purchases, etc.) are non-refundable and non-transferrable. ​ Classes are not "credits" and do not roll over from month to month. Unused classes will not, under any circumstances, be refunded. Unused classes are non-transferrable.
  • Expiration Guidelines
    Pilates Packages Expiring three (3) months after the date of purchase are: Constellation Package of seven group Reformer classes Private Reformer 3-Pack Semi-Private Reformer 3-Pack Massage Therapy Packages Expiring six (6) months after the date of purchase are: 4-Pack of 30 Minute Treatments 3-Pack of 60 Minute Treatments 3-Pack of 90 Minute Treatments Expiring twelves (12) months after the date of purchase are: 6-Pack of 60 Minute Treatments 10-Pack of 60 Minute Treatments 6-Pack of 90 Minute Treatments 10-Pack of 90 Minute Treatments Gift Certificates expire on the date listed on certificate, generally one (1) year after date of purchase.
  • Tell me more about the privacy policy?
    TerraLuna asks you to provide us with information that can be used identify and contact you, such as your full name, e-mail and postal addresses, and phone number. Personally identifiable information may also include, but is not limited to date of birth, credit card billing information, health information, acceptance of waivers, and website cookies and useage data. Under no circumstances will TerraLuna, LLC sell or share your personal data. Health information is kept confidential per HIPAA guidelines.
  • How can I purchase a Gift Certificate?
    Gift Certificates are available for purchase in studio only and only by cash or check. At this time we can't configure the website to allow the sale of Gift Certificates nor can we process a credit card as a form of payment for Gift Certificates. We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to working with you in person to give the gift of Pilates and Massage to others.
  • Is there an app?
    Yes! We are proud to feature a free app through Spaces: Follow Businesses (by Wix). It is available in the App Store and Google Play. Please use the Invite Code: LRQYUK to most quickly locate TerraLuna.
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