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sacred hospitality

Meet Lynelle (She/Her)

My personal and professional journey began in the Toledo, Ohio home of a doctor and a nurse who inspired my interest in the "caring" part of healthcare. After graduating from the University of Dayton with a  Theatre degree and faced with the glaring need for a real job, I returned to my roots. Medicine was my first love and I found my niche in the field of massage therapy. Since earning my Ohio State Medical Board License in 2002 it has been my privilege to work with clients from Toledo to Cincinnati to Virginia to Germany.

I moved to Germany, newly married and recovering from knee surgery after a sports injury. Although I was fortunate enough to spend the majority of my free time overseas traveling and walking (and walking, and walking), two years after my ACL repair my knee still hurt constantly.

I had discovered Pilates while living in Cincinnati and was thrilled to connect with Kelly, a Pilates instructor who was also stationed in Germany. Kelly listened to my concerns and goals and she worked with me on the Reformer to incrementally strengthen the weaknesses in my knee and hamstrings.  My balance was almost non-existent but improved quickly as Kelly challenged my stability and core strength.  Within four months, my knee stopped hurting and healed completely.

I've lived in Hamilton since 2010 and in 2020 I made the leap from Pilates student to instructor. Earning my Pilates Teaching Certificate has deepened my understanding and appreciation of the potential for Pilates to heal the body from the inside out. 

My personal, political, and spiritual beliefs form the basis of my life; from the studio's name to my commitment to treat all my Guests according to the sacred traditions of hospitality.

I center the divine feminine and I love finding magic in the mundane

I wish for you peace in each day and joy in your body.



and I can't wait to meet you and join your wellness journey.

Sacred Hospitality

a spiritual practice of welcoming those who cross my threshold

It is my intention to:


Treat you as a honored guest; not as a transaction or a dollar figure.

Provide a peaceful,  comfortable, and safe environment as a sign of my respect for you.

Practice clear and honest communication. 


Treasure your dignity and insist that all my Guests likewise act respectfully in turn. 

Meet Nancy (She/Her)

Nancy Roberto’s Professional Fitness Instruction journey

began with a certification in Spinning in 2003. Nancy

taught Spinning classes all over the greater Cincinnati

area before being hired at a studio that also offered

Reformer Pilates. As she grew her Spinning classes, she eventually

decided to try out a Reformer class and was hooked! Between the Spinning and taking Reformer classes herself, she learned quickly how the two methods complimented each other.


Nancy says “Not only did the Reformer classes help me physically but mentally as well. That’s when I decided to get certified in it in 2013.”


Nancy has been teaching Reformer as well as Pilates mat classes since and now has a passion for it! She continued with her Pilates education and in 2016 and got certified in barre Pilates.


Nancy says that “As an instructor there’s no better feeling than helping and seeing people get stronger physically and mentally and achieving their goals!” Nancy is a loving pet parent (her super hero name would be Superdoodle Mom) to her four-legged children Simon, Sofia, and Murphy.  In fact, one of Nancy's favorite ways to spend time is cuddling up with her goldendoodles on the couch and walking them almost everyday at the park. She also looks forward to Sunday mornings when she and her hubby look for new brunch places to discover.

When teaching, Nancy's good-humor words of wisdom are "I'm not here to waste your time."


We’re excited for you to meet Nancy and benefit from her wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for Pilates. 

Meet Vonna (She/Her)

Vonna was certainly the most photogenic, and famous,

member of TerraLuna's staff. Although we grieve our 

Studio Pup, whom we had to let go of in February, 2024,

we keep her biography here with loving remembrance.

Don't like the unique coloring fool you, Vonna is our

lovely German Shepard and has no wolf heritage as far

as we know. Our Greeter and Designated Napper can

often be found sleeping just inside the studio front door or

lounging on her dog bed at the front window.

Vonna also participates in facility maintenance by kindly leaving tumbleweeds of fur as a reminder of the floor cleaning schedule. She is our beloved rescue pup and as such, we don't know how old she actually is but we suspect she's at least 13.


Vonna's favorite activities on the Reformer are foot straps. She often uses foot straps as her

opportunity to tour the studio and check in on Guests although she has been known to pay a special visit to anyone having a rough day or a particularly challenging moment on the Reformer. She would also like to share that she's truthfully more partial to yoga than Pilates. She says it's much smarter to name poses after dogs.


Some of Vonna's favorite things are pumpkin biscuits, butter wrappers, nose kisses, and keeping the studio safe from the squirrels and other dogs who dare to tread on her sidewalk. Vonna shares with Guests her quiet, gentle spirit and reminders that naps are good. Her words of wisdom are "Each day is the best day ever. And treats. Lots of treats."

Meet Norman 

Norman website.png

Norman Wilson is our Business Manager. In addition to answering chats, messages, inquires, and e-mails, he is Lynelle's husband, Vonna's Dad and TerraLuna's head cheerleader,  

Norman Wilson is a highly skilled speed cleaner and an excellent designated shopper. He has also been known to come through in a pinch when straps get left at home. Your billing, scheduling, and membership questions will be handled by Norman Wilson and he will also reach out to you with his signature exclamation points when you've cleared the waitlist.

Norman was born in Ohio in 1962, married Lynelle in 2005, and retired from the United States Navy in 2009. In the interim he was stationed all over the world and had two children. Norman teaches and enjoys all types of Martial Arts. His favorite activities in Pilates are planks, I’s Y’s and T’s.


Norman says that “Reformer Pilates is some of the best conditioning you can do.  It is technique based, core-centric, works the whole body and will strengthen and lengthen muscles you have forgotten about, and others you didn’t know you had.”


Norman’s life philosophies include:

Travel as much as you can.  Few teachers are greater than travel.

Growth never happens when you’re comfortable.

Have a big dog.  Trust me.


Norman believes that Pilates does more to help the body heal than any other kind of movement he knows.  He also places emphasis on Pilates’ ability to improve body awareness. He says that “Being aware of your body positioning, placement and movement is so beneficial and so overlooked – I put it equal in importance with balance.  Pilates will help you increase this – and you may not even be aware of how much better it is for some time.”


Norman enjoys Things Made With Cheese, fine breads, sweet wines and the occasional high-quality chocolate.


He’s very proud of Lynelle for opening and guiding TerraLuna, particularly for the level of community involvement and growth she has accomplished.  He says that “Great things are happening in Hamilton, and it’s been fun to watch.” 

cassie hs color bg.png

Meet Cassie 

Cassie Saines, Social Media Maven, has four certificates in marketing and a Bachelor's degree Creative Writing.

She started freelance blog writing in 2017 and began her professional social media manager career in 2020. She is crazily excited to assist TerraLuna in its online marketing needs.


Cassie enjoys Pilates but has only ever done it on the mat (so far!). She’s thrilled to learn more about all the different options there are in this exercise. As she learns she looks forward to showing you all the wonders the world of Pilates has to bring you!

When Cassie's not working, she loves watching monster trucks with her son and husband.  She enjoys embroidery, darning old socks, and learning new hobbies like sewing and running an aquaponics garden. Most of all, she loves playing Dungeons and Dragons and board games with her loved ones.

rebekah color background.png

Meet Rebekah 

Rebekah Trimbach


worked for 10 years in a


outpatient setting before opening

Dynamic Physical Therapy & Wellness (DynamicPTW).

Rebekah has a specialist certification in treating orthopedic conditions with additional experience in sports physical therapy and vestibular rehabilitation (addressing dizziness and vertigo).


DynamicPTW prides itself in one-on-one individualized care that is customized to help clients live their lives to the fullest without pain. Treatments provided at DynamicPTW include soft tissue and join mobilizations, therapeutic cupping, integrative dry needling, and exercise prescription.


Rebekah shares that "my goal is to help each individual live active, healthy lives without pain and I encourage everyone to seek out treatment early. If you address pain early, often we can avoid having to stop activities and the potential need for surgery. As a physical therapist there is nothing I love more than hearing a client tell me they can participate, pain free, in activities they love after treatment."

erin headshot color background.png

Meet Erin 

Erin Bright, founder of Alchemy & Art,

is a classically trained artist, designer, educator,

studier of movement, Reiki Practitioner & Schnauzer Mom.

Erin brings Reiki healing and Astrology services to TerraLuna

and is also well-known for bespoke candle creations and candle-making events. Erin shares that her first candle was a gift for a friend. She wanted to encapsulate manifestation power into something her friend could take with her as she took a leap of faith on to a new path.

Little did Erin know, that one gift would teach her that the practice of sharing her art and energy is her magic! Now she is on a journey to create a space where her passions for movement, writing, the arts and health are combined.

Erin shares that her Reiki practice is a direct extension of her art. Erin says "my body of work as an artist is designed to raise the vibrations of an individual by giving them tools to hold daily space for themselves and when I was taught that the universal energy [of Reiki] could use me as a facilitator for that exact thing I was fully dedicated." 

Mother Earth

Firm Foundations


Support on the Journey

Hopes & Dreams

You Belong Here

bug purple_edited_edited.png

For those seeking individualized attention on their wellness journey, TerraLuna hold space for you to grow and heal with the personal care of a Certified Pilates Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist.

Join me in historic downtown Hamilton to embrace the strength in your body.


Night Skies




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