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TerraGram vol 8

Greetings Friend,

Please join us in reviewing a few important points:

  • Class time is time for Pilates! We now have access to a lobby (and are also building one!) for pre- and post-class socialization. If you have questions about your membership, general Studio policies (like waitlist or billing parameters), or other specific concerns (like class availability), please send these questions through the appropriate channels.

  • What are the appropriate channels? The full answer is on the website Q&A page under "How do I contact the studio" but in brief, please use the app. Thank you for understanding that we disconnect on evenings and Sundays.

  • Speaking of... the Q&A page is our policy center. With every booking made, every Guest places a check in a box stating that they have read all policies. Key policies to review are: - Waitlist (also the subject of Notes from Norman on March 29) - Billing - Illness - How far ahead can I book? Do classes "roll over"? We've been receiving questions lately that have already been addressed, either on the Q&A page or through blog posts. We put considerable effort into providing through communications and appreciate everyone honoring our time by reading blog posts.

  • All Guests are now on an entirely level playing field in terms of access to the schedule. The two remaining reservations currently appearing further than 30 days from today are the result of unique circumstances and were placed there specifically by Norman or myself. No matter what day your billing date is, all Guests have access to their 30-day billing cycle, in their own turn.

Any attempts to circumvent access to the 30-day billing cycle will be dealt with as detailed per the above.

There are spaces available in classes nearly every day (the subject of Notes from Norman April 29). As I type this on Tuesday at 2:30pm, there are 19 spots available for the remainder of this week! Guests restricting themselves to taking one type of class, at one time of day (i.e. Reformer class at 10 or 11am weekdays only, Jump Lite class at 6pm on Tuesday only) are creating scarcity that doesn't factually exist.

Thank you for giving this a read. There are always going to be bumps in the road; communication is the best solution to smooth the path!

Norman and I greatly appreciate you, your class attendance, and your patience during this period of transition. We are very much looking forward to the coming Expansion in space, class types, additional teachers, and class times!

May you find peace in each day and joy in your body.



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