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The Journey of 1,000 Miles

Greetings Friend,

Each journey begins with a single step. While each footfall along the way is important, none is as important as the first.

Many, many steps have been taken since the idea of opening a Pilates and Massage studio in Hamilton first surfaced. Then, many, many months passed, each filled with ups and downs, excitement, frustration, and every other imaginable emotion. It's been a long road and while it seems we're almost at end, we're really at the beginning!

Dreaming and planning gave way to organizing and constructing and now we're in the last days before the Studio opens. The end of this long wait is the beginning of the next step in the journey; one which we hope will bring a new energy to our corner of Hamilton.

Where ever you are on your life's journey, we're glad you're here.

Let's take the next steps together.

I wish for you peace in each day and joy in your body.



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