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TerraGram vol 7

Greetings Friend,

Lots of important updates to share so without further ado:

Upcoming Events

Back by popular request, Mindful Movement, a StretchLates Special Event

Join us on Wednesday March 27th at 3:00pm for a special 90-minute long StretchLates class. Our theme is Disconnect to Reconnect and the Waitlist for this event is now open.


Please review our:

  • Illness Policy

  • Inclement Weather Policy

  • Waitlist Policy

  • You will also find today's Q&A video on the upcoming Pricing Increase/Luna Membership Changes on the Q&A Page. For more information the Pricing Increase see our blog post here and please note that changes are effective March 25, 2024.


Make sure your current contact information is on your Guest profile, particularly your phone number. Calling/texting you is our best way to reach you, especially for last-minute notifications that you've cleared a waitlist. We also like to send out greeting cards from time to time!

We have proudly welcomed Erin Bright, Reiki Practitioner, of Alchemy and Art to the TerraLuna Family! Erin is providing Reiki healing by appointment on Saturdays from 12:30pm - 5:00pm and her schedule is located here.

May you find peace in each day and joy in your body.



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