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TerraGram: Construction Updates

Greetings Friend,

At long last, the Expansion is beginning! We are so excited to embark upon this next phase in TerraLuna's life with you and have some information to share.

For a variety of reasons (and after much debate) it has been decided that the Studio will temporarily relocate during the Expansion buildout. While this will be an adjustment for you, in the end this decision allows classes to continue without disruption! When faced with intrusive amounts of noise, dust, the potential for damage to equipment and most importantly your overall comfort as our Guest, it was a relatively easy choice.

If you'd like to go on a field trip with me to see our temporary home-away-from-home, please watch this two-minute video:

Here is a photo of where you will end up once departing the elevators on the second floor. Turn right out of the elevator vestibule and you will see the Community Room:

To clarify a couple of the good questions we have already received:

  • Relocation will take place on the evening of this upcoming Friday May 3rd.

  • All Friday classes will take place in the Studio per usual, including Gentle Moves and Feisty Friday.

  • After Feisty Friday wraps up at 4:20pm, the relocation will start. (Dawdlers will be handed boxes!)

  • Saturday morning classes on May 4th will take place in the Community Room temporary location.

  • Alchemy and Art's Astrology Open House will take place in the Studio on Saturday.

Thank you for all the kind comments, encouragement, and enthusiasm so far! We feel immensely grateful to be part of such a supportive community and we're excited to take these next steps together!

May you find peace in each day and joy in your body.



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