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Notes From Norman - Membership Cycles

Updated: Apr 29

Hi Everyone and welcome to this installment of Notes From Norman. This is where I will address some issues that I see multiple people dealing with.

Let’s review how the membership plans work. Most of our memberships are auto-renewing monthly “subscriptions” (that’s how the website software refers to them). They are based on a billing cycle which is a month, starting the day you sign up to the day before that day on the next month – so if you sign up on the 15th of the month, the billing cycle is to the 14th of the next month. Memberships give you a certain number of classes you can attend per billing cycle – Terra gives you 4, Aether gives you 8, Zodiac gives you 12 and Luna gives you 20.

There are some folks who have lost track of their class/billing cycle balance, and I can understand how it happens. For the folks that have been attending for a while, say 6 months or more, it can add up. Classes do NOT roll over from one billing cycle to the next. If, for example, someone has an Aether membership and attends 7 classes per month for 6 months, how many classes do they have coming to them at the end of the 6th billing cycle? None. It would be easy to think that there would be 6 classes in balance, but there is not. The membership is designed to allow a certain number of classes per billing cycle. Once the billing cycle starts again, you have that number (8, in this case), and no more.

These are not to be confused with the membership package. We offer only 1 package, the Constellation, which gives you 7 classes to be used within a 3-month time period. This is for folks with especially sporadic schedules. As above, at the end of the 3-month period, there is a class balance of 0, regardless of how many you have used.

The Luna members are a little different, in that they have unlimited class access, so as long as the membership is kept current, they can come as much as they want, so they avoid this accounting issue.

As you come to classes, I urge everyone to keep track of your classes vs. your billing cycle. No one wants to find out that, instead of having classes coming, they, in fact, do not.

As always, if you have questions about this or any other topic, or if there is something you would like me to cover in another Notes From Norman, send me a message and we’ll make it happen. See you in class! NW

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