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Guest Spotlight: Meet Cris

Cris Crowthers has participated in Beginner and Reformer Pilates at TerraLuna since September, 2022 and we'd like to get to know her a bit better.

Would you share with us your Pilates story and how long you've been practicing Pilates?

I took my first class- the Introductory one, in September of 2022 and I was hooked. For 18 months I had experienced chronic back and tailbone pain from a traumatic injury that severely limited my activities of daily living and all but totally eliminated my ability to exercise. I'm thrilled with how much my core strength has improved, along with my mobility in general. I especially love that Pilates can be modified to meet just about everyone's needs.

What is an activity which was difficult for you in the beginning but is now easier?

Anything related to the obliques.

Do you have an activity that you currently struggle with? If so, what are the challenge that you experience?

All moves that rotate hips and the femur. I don't have as much range of motion in my hips as I would like, but it's getting better.

Tell us about props! Favorite and least favorite.

Favorite- spiky ball when used with to balance one foot on- not under the tailbone! Least favorite is the ring. The ring from you-know-where. I find it incredibly difficult to keep in place.

If you had a "Signature Activity" what would it be?

Besides just showing up... and requesting a mirror be placed on the ceiling. (jk)

I love the workouts for triceps and the deltoid.

Do you have a goal you'd like to share with us or perhaps a little-known fact about you?

I'm always on the side of the underdog. I started The Caring Closet in my basement 12 years ago, and it now serves almost 1,000 school aged children per year. My husband and I are active in dog rescue with Cherished Cockers Rescue and can often be found traveling up I-71 transporting homeless pups on their way to a new life.

Do you have words of wisdom to share with other Guests?

Live each day with a grateful heart.

No amount of regret changes the past.

No amount of anxiety changes the future.

But any amount of gratitude changes the present.

-M. Chernoff

Finally, what is one food/drink/item you cannot live without?

Coffee and chocolate.

Thank you Cris, for sharing a bit about yourself (and a photo of you and adorable Sophie) and your Pilates journey!

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