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An Abundance of Updates

Greetings Friend,

As you may have already seen on Facebook, we're coming to you today from TerraLuna Construction Central!

The sidewalk on the entire 3rd St side of the building will be closed for at least two-three weeks. Parking is also restricted on our side of the street. Parking is still available on the other side of the street, in our parking lot on 3rd and Magnolia and on Dayton Street (but do not park behind Neal's BBQ or you'll be towed).

For the next few weeks, particularly after demolition comes as far our door (likely by tomorrow), I'll be meeting you at the fire exit on Dayton Street. There is a photo of the fire exit on Facebook. Please be on time for class as I have to hold the door open for you and then start class on time!

If you do not already follow us on Facebook you can do so @terralunapilates and if you're not already connected to the TerraLuna app, please do so as it's the best way for me to send out last minute notifications right to your phone! The app is available on Spaces by Wix using the invite code LRQYUK and I've sent out an e-mail inviting you to join the app just now as well.

A refreshed class schedule is beginning the week of September 19th! We love hearing your feedback; likes, dislikes, and suggestions and we strive to provide the classes that interest you most! Beginning mid-September you'll be seeing more Beginner's Reformer and Reformer classes. StretchLates and Foot Strap Focus are still on the schedule but only a couple times per week each so reserve your space early! Likewise, Jump Board is on the schedule one night be week so jump in!

Fall is a time to celebrate and appreciate all the gifts and abundance that life brings. You are amongst our blessings and we are so grateful for you!

Stay tuned here on our blog and on the Socials for a special event coming in October, one in which we'll be sharing our joy and abundance with the community.

May you find peace in each day and joy in your body.



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