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Greetings Friend,

If you're not following the studio on Facebook, or if the algorithm doesn't deign to share posts with you, here's a quick list of some upcoming dates and events that you might like to have:

May 18th Ladies Night In Reiki & Reflexology at The Benninghofen House

I'm the featured speaker for this event where I'll be sharing information about, and a treatment of, the healing art of Reiki. We'll also learn simple Reflexology, intentional breathing, and other self-care techniques.

This event is already sold out but do keep an eye on upcoming monthly events at The Benninghofen House, they are always incredible!

Hamilton BAWM (BadAss Women's Movement)

Series: Building Your Own Wellness Plan

May 22, June 5, June 19th, and July 10th beginning at 7pm, location TBD

BAWM KickOff Party June 15th at 7pm, location TBD

Series: What is Being a BadAss to You?

July 31, Aug 14, Aug 28, and Sep 11 beginning at 7pm, location TBD

June 3 is Hamilton Pride at Marcum Park

July 14-16 is the Women's Reiki Retreat at The Benninghofen House

I'm delighted to be the co-host and presenter of this weekend event featuring delicious meals, accommodations, training in the healing art of Reiki, and so much more! For more information and tickets please check out The Benninghofen House's website here.

This retreat is a small, intimate event with space for less than 10 Guests so hurry to reserve your space.

Krista Parrish, thank you for suggesting this post!

May you find peace in each day and joy in your body.



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