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Planksgiving Recap

Greetings Friends,

As the past four weeks of social media posts can attest, it's been a busy time at TerraLuna! Planksgiving was an optional event which took place at the end of each class. While it was entirely in fun, it was also a challenge and a giant leap out of the comfort zone for many Plank-ticipants. We are proud beyond measure of each Guest and every single plank!

Here are the highlights:

  • 43 Plank-ticipants who completed well over 55 bingos

  • Bonus Challenge Plank-ticipants were Karen W, Tiffany N, Bekki R, Jen T, Whitney O, Lori M, and Kim K

  • Lindsay M and Shari B completed 3 bingos each

  • Lissa B completed 4 bingos

  • Cris C and Kim K completed 5 bingos each

  • Lori M and Jen T wildly exceeded all possible bingos by covering all squares

We sincerely congratulate all of the above Guests and we also celebrate each Guest who participated at any level!

Planksgiving wrapped up after four full weeks, giving each Guest time to collect their bingo stamps. We then hosted a drawing (a video of which is on Facebook and features the Studio Pup) for some Really Great Prizes, all of which came from local businesses; Sara's House, Antiquity Teahouse, InsideOut Studio, and SANE. The winners of the drawings are Lindsay M, Kim K, Lori M, with special bonus prize to Lori M and Jen T for covering all spaces (scroll down for picture).

Jen, Lindsay, Kim, Lori, & Lynelle

(from left)

With gratitude and in celebration of all Plank-ticipants. Thank you for making this a fun and challenging event for everyone.

May you find peace in each day and joy in your body.



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