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Newsflashes for All Guests

Greetings Friends,

Pricing and Policy Changes (effective next Monday, March 25) are well under way and the following pertains to all TerraLuna Guests of all membership levels (not just Luna):

  • Please make sure your phone number is on your account. Phone calls/text messages are the fastest way for us to reach you, particularly with last-minute contacts (i.e. to let you know you've cleared a Waitlist!).

  • Non-urgent customer service needs and requests will be de-prioritized from now until at Wednesday, March 27 at the earliest. By all means send in your questions but please be patient as we will be prioritizing these. All requests will eventually be answered, it may just be several days for non-emergency issues.

  • Changes to Booking Policies will effect all Guests, not just Luna Guests. It has come to our attention that more Guests than we were aware were "getting ahead" of their membership billing cycle. To that end...

  • Our Q&As Page is where Studio Policies are found. Please review these policies, particularly "How far ahead can I book? Do classes "roll over"?"

  • Luna Guests: please do not make any changes to your membership. We are handling changes in a specific order, following specific steps on the "back end" of the computer system.

  • Luna Guests: Keep an eye on your Notifications through your app/on your account. Norman Wilson will be reaching out to you personally with updates and instructions. Thank you for your continued patience during this period of transition. We appreciate you and wish you peace in each day and joy in your body. Blessings, Lynelle

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