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Guest Spotlight: Meet Nancy

Nancy Roberto has been an Instructor at TerraLuna since November, 2022 and we'd like to get to know her a bit better.

What brought you to Pilates and how long you've been practicing?

I’ve been certified/teaching since 2013. I was teaching cycling classes in the back of the studio where they had Reformer classes and was curious. I took my first class and was hooked. I would teach my cycle class then go into the Reformer room to take a class. The two classes really complement each other. You get your cardio in then stretching/toning with the Reformer classes.

Do you have a goal you'd like to share that Pilates helped you/is helping you obtain?

I always have had back issues and it strengthen my back, and long term flexibility.

What class(es) have you/do you take? Do you have a favorite class?

Reformer is my first love, then mat and, if I want a totally different workout, I love my Barré classes.

What is an activity which was difficult for you in the beginning but is now easier?


Tell us about props! Favorite and least favorite.

Props keep it fresh with teaching classes. I don’t think I have come across a prop that I don’t like. My favorite hands down is my foam roller.

If you had a "Signature Activity" what would it be?

Teaching Pilates!

How do you define "wellness"?


Would you share a little-known fact about yourself?

I was the first girl at my high school to play on the boys golf team.

Finally, what is one food/drink you cannot live without?

Love my salads and love a good Chardonnay.

Thank you Nancy, for sharing a bit about yourself and your Pilates journey!

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