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Guest Spotlight: Meet Lori

Lori McAlister has participated in Reformer and StretchLates classes at TerraLuna since the studio opened in June. She recently signed up for a Jump Board class and is also really looking forward to the start of Athletic Reformer and we'd like to get to know her a bit better.

Would you share with us your Pilates story and how long you've been practicing Pilates?

I started with Pilates about 12 years ago when a friend was training to be an instructor. I loved it. Then my work life got in the way of my social life and couldn’t do it anymore. I was able to start up again in 2019 when I moved to freelance work and my schedule became more flexible.

What is an activity which was difficult for you in the beginning but is now easier?

Anything with triceps is difficult for me and I’m awaiting the day when it becomes easier.

Do you have an activity that you currently struggle with? If so, what are the challenge that you experience?

I struggle with c-curve. I tend to feel it in my neck too much. If I’m feeling just right and I listen to the cues carefully I can do it well.

Tell us about props! Favorite and least favorite.

I’m not a prop fan. I get distracted too easily. But if I have to pick a favorite it’s that squishy ball.

If you had a "Signature Activity" what would it be?

My signature “activity” is complaining about tricep curls 😁. But I do love a good plank.

Do you have a goal you'd like to share with us or perhaps a little-known fact about you?

My goal is core strength so my back doesn’t hurt when I wake up! And a little known fact? - I helped build the TerraLuna website and am so excited to see how far things have come since last fall!

Do you have words of wisdom to share with other Guests?

A general life philosophy - “You can move anything if you do it slow enough.” Words of wisdom - try Pilates, you may surprise yourself.

Finally, what is one food/drink/item you cannot live without?

I love all things fermented! Sauerkraut, pickles, kombucha, vinegar, wine …. All of it!

Thank you Lori, for sharing a bit about yourself and your Pilates journey!

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