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Guest Spotlight: Meet Krista

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Krista Parrish has been a Guest at TerraLuna since June, 2022 and we'd like to get to know her a bit better.

What brought you to Pilates and how long you've been practicing?

My dear friend, Whitney Oliver suggested that I may enjoy Pilates with Lynelle. She knew that I had attended 7 years of Pilates at a studio in Glendale that I loved before my friend/instructor retired. The moment I met Lynelle I knew that I had found a beautiful human and wonderful studio in which to restart my Pilates Journey. It is and continues to be such a gift in my life. Her studio classes are filled with amazing people. It is joy filled and safe.

Do you have a goal you'd like to share that Pilates helped you/is helping you obtain?

I am trying to get stronger. I love the challenge that doing planks offers. I am working on my form. I love that doing planks promotes core strength.

What class(es) have you/do you take? Do you have a favorite class?

I actually love all her classes. Each class has its own recipe of people and techniques that make it special and unique. I always leave feeling better and grateful for the opportunity to participate.

What is an activity which was difficult for you in the beginning but is now easier?

Maintaining the correct form is very challenging at times. It continues to be difficult for me. However, Lynelle is gifted at encouraging and explaining what is the best form and how I can achieve it

Tell us about props! Favorite and least favorite.

My least favorite is the squishy ball! It is my arch nemesis! I know we are about to feel the burn when we are asked to get those bad boys out.

If you had a "Signature Activity" what would it be?

I love “offer up”. I love working on strengthening my arms and the name reminds me to visualize who and what I am grateful for in my life.

How do you define "wellness"?

Doing things for yourself and others to make your day meaningful and purposeful is how I define wellness. Pouring good things into your own bucket so you can be there for your loved ones. Wellness to me is emotional, spiritual, physical, mental and social. Pilates=Wellness

Would you share a little-known fact about yourself?

There are not too many little known facts about me since I tend to share a lot. However, if you haven’t been in class with me…you may not realize that I have written several songs and enjoy singing them…even if I am lacking in vocal talent.

Finally, what is one food/drink you cannot live without?


Thank you Krista, for sharing a bit about yourself and your Pilates journey!

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