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Guest Spotlight: Meet Kelli

Kelli Kurtz has been a Guest at TerraLuna since January, 2023 and we'd like to get to know her a bit better.

What brought you to Pilates and how long you've been practicing?

Sarah at Wildfire made a post at the end of 2022 about how she lived with chronic pain (same), how she struggled to make herself a priority (also same), and how she felt hopeless (I mean, are we the same person??) Then she went on to explain the miracle that was Pilates and TerraLuna Studio and how it gave her her life back. I could not Google TerraLuna fast enough! I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2015 and a life of chronic stress, trauma and caregiving was ruining my health. I started class in January 2023 and quickly realized that this special place is more than a Pilates studio. It’s therapy, friendships, stress relief, a comedy show (IYKYK 😉), a sanctuary and yes, exercise, all rolled into one. Lynelle felt like a long lost sister welcoming me home.

Do you have a goal you'd like to share that Pilates helped you/is helping you obtain?

As a woman of…ahem…a certain age, I knew I needed to focus on strength and resistance training. But I’m not a gym rat, and intense workouts can cause fibromyalgia flare ups. I wanted to be able to stand up from a kneeling position without needing help. I wanted to feel strong. I wanted to keep up with my husband in our old age. When standing in front of a mirror recently, I noticed something wrong with my shoulders. I then realized that those bulges were muscles and nearly fainted!

What class(es) have you/do you take? Do you have a favorite class?

I’m a regular at the Beginner Reformer class and was a regular at Jump Lite until a semi truck sidelined my progress by causing a back and neck injury. I’m slowly working my way back and will be moving up to the Reformer class soon!

What is an activity which was difficult for you in the beginning but is now easier?

ALL THE ARMS!!! I had frozen shoulder a few years back and now deal with a chronic shoulder impingement. I did physical therapy for more than 6 months. When I first grabbed the arm straps, I thought it was impossible. Now I love it!! My pain is almost non-existent now and see above for the weird bumps I found on my shoulders!

Tell us about props! Favorite and least favorite.

I LOVE the half foam roller!! Laying on that feels amazing on my sore back! I haven’t found a least favorite yet but I’m sure it’s coming!!

If you had a "Signature Activity" what would it be?

I am a little obsessed with pull-ups. Not gonna lie.

How do you define "wellness"?

“Wellness” to me is peace. Peace in your mind, in your body and in your spirit. Watching my parents suffer and die from dementia and heart disease last year realigned what I thought healthy was—and it’s so much more than the size of your clothes. I pay more attention now to the numbers on my blood work and less to the numbers on the scale.

Would you share a little-known fact about yourself?

In a past life, I think I was a Freedom Rider—which might explain why I’ve made advocacy for our transgender daughter my life’s work. My husband and I are founding sponsors of Hamilton Pride and I’ve served on the Pride committee for 3 years. I am preparing to launch a website, blog and foundation focusing on supporting transgender youth and the people who love them.

Finally, what is one food/drink you cannot live without?

Since I am gluten free and now following a whole food plant based diet, I’ve learned to live without a lot of things (I really miss my friends Brie, Gouda and Feta.) But one thing I hope I never have to give up is wine. Oh and bourbon. Additionally coffee. (I’m a work in progress!)

Thank you Kelli, for sharing a bit about yourself and your Pilates journey!

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