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TerraGram vol 4

Greetings Friend,

Socktober is going strong! We are collecting new or gently used adult (men's or women's) socks for the rest of the month. You still have about a week to bring in your donations which TerraLuna will match. So, if you donate 5 pairs, we will be handing out 10 pairs total amongst our Hamilton community members who are in need of a little extra warmth this winter!

Hopefully you have saved the date because Friendsgiving is coming! You are cordially invited to the home of Wendy Rogan Carey which is located at 3342 Spyglass Ridge, Hamilton OH 45013 for an evening of friendship, food, and socializing on Tuesday, November 7th from 6:30pm -8:30pm.

There are two driveways; please use the 2nd driveway and turn around by the shop so that you can park on right side of driveway headed out. There are a flight of steps leading into the basement door. If you prefer to park in main driveway (upper) feel free to do so and ring front door bell.

Wendy & the Chief will be preparing Chief’s Famous Smoked Brisket Sliders. Wendy will have wine, beer, and pop available and please feel free to bring your favorite beverage as well. Using the first letter of your last name, if you would like to contribute something to the party please bring:

A to I an appetizer

J to S a side or a salad

T to Z a dessert

Remember to bring any serving utensils needed for your dish. Please also bring a recipe card (if applicable) to set in front of your dish to let anyone with food sensitivities know the ingredients. That way everyone who loves your dish they can take a picture of the recipe!

Please RSVP by texting Lynelle.


"I had an appointment with Rebekah last week and had my first experience with dry needling! The difference it made with my knee injury was almost beyond description. Rebekah was so kind and is so knowledgeable and my knee pain is greatly lessened from my treatment... I look forward to working with her more in the future."

Many thanks to Carol for taking the time to share your experience! Rebekah's next day at TerraLuna is this upcoming Friday October 27th and she has only 2 remaining appointment slots left. Get on her schedule here.

Policy Clarification:

Luna Guests with a late-cancel or no-show are assessed a $20.00 penalty. We do not retain credit card numbers for the purposes of charging cancellation penalties. An invoice will be sent via e-mail which Guests will pay upon receipt. A late fee will be added each month overdue invoices remain unpaid. Please visit the Q&A page to read the Cancellation Policy for full details.

Are you excited for the return of Planksgiving in November?!? Stay tuned for more details!

May you find peace in each day and joy in your body.



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