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PT Posts: What to Expect at Your Posture/Mobility Screening

I’m looking forward to meeting you all and starting this new endeavor at TerraLuna! In

preparation for the screening sessions I wanted to share a little bit about what to expect.

We have 2 options for the 10-minute screening:

Option 1: You feel pretty good in general but want me to check out posture or mobility and give some tips on how to improve. In this situation, I will take a general look at how you stand and will move your arms and legs through their full range of motion to see if there are any sticking points, I will write down any suggestions.

Option 2: You have an injury or specific “pain” that you want me to check out. During this time, I will quickly assess what I think may be contributing to your ailment by looking at motion, strength, and some functional movement patterns. Based on those observations I will make some recommendations on how to break through the pain that may be holding you back.

I’ve noticed some of you have made comments noting specific concerns and/or “problem areas” in the appointment notes when you scheduled your screening… these comments are so incredibly helpful. This allows me to prepare ahead of time so we can be more efficient during our 10-minute screen. If you have something specific you want to address but did not make a comment, no worries! Text me before your appointment at 513.204.9071 and I’ll make sure I’m prepared to address your concerns.

Friendly reminder… 10-minutes will come and go quickly!! As much as I would love to be thorough and address all of your concerns, we may have to pick and choose a little.

Nevertheless, my goal and motto at Dynamic Physical Therapy & Wellness is to help you Perform Better, Live Better and Get Better. With that in mind, I promise I will make sure to answer your questions and help guide you in the direction towards meeting your goals, even if that means we need to set up a call or email following your appointment.

There are still four openings remaining for screenings, sign up for you time here. Rebekah Trimbach, PT, MPT, CSCS, OCS

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