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Pilates & Weight Loss

Greetings Friends,

It's the start of a fresh, lovely new year full of all kinds of glowing potential!

It is also the perfect time to address the elephant in January's room.

By now you've probably gathered from a bevy of social media posts, not to mention the general attitude in the studio, that we at TerraLuna are not at all focused on the current size or shape of our Guests bodies. In fact, we can practically promise that we will never (ever, ever, ever) talk about losing weight.*

That being said, it is that time of year when words like "diet", "resolutions", and "losing weight" tend to creep into the most well-meaning of conversations so let's go ahead and set some reasonable expectations for what Pilates can and cannot do for you:

  • We cannot realistically suggest that you will lose weight by doing Pilates. (Weight loss comes only from increased cardiovascular activity and/or reduced calorie intake, so the only facet of Pilates that promotes weight loss is Jump Board.)

  • We can tell you that your body shape will eventually change through Pilates. (Muscle tone will improve and it's worth noting that toned muscles function more efficiently, i.e. burn more calories.)

  • We can also tell you that as you strengthen through Pilates your ability to more comfortably participate in other calorie-burning activities such as walking, jogging, or biking will improve.

At TerraLuna we pride ourselves on a unique perspective on Pilates as well as an intentional philosophy concerning the overall health and wellbeing of our Guests. Therefore:

  • We can welcome you as you are today and support you as you move towards your best possible future.

  • We can accept and embrace you in your current body.

  • We can listen to you plan for the activities you wish to more fully enjoy.

  • We can help you focus on setting realistic goals.

  • We can guide you towards building sustainable habits which lead to a healthier lifestyle.

  • We can encourage you to define wellness for yourself.

May you find peace in each day and joy in your body.

Blessings for a Happy & Healthy New Year,


*That is unless you bring weight loss up and wish to discuss it.

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