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Pilates and Menopause

Greetings Friends,

Thank you for your enthusiastic interest in a previous post on Pilates' positive impact on bone density. Here is another study that you might also find interesting, the full text of which can be read here.

"Effects of 8-week Pilates exercise program on menopausal symptoms and lumbar strength and flexibility ion postmenopausal women"

Lee, Cuasay Caguicla, Park, Kwak, Won, Park, Kim, and Kim

  • PMID: 27419122 PMCID: PMC4934971

  • J Exerc Rehabil. 2016 Jun; 12(3): 247-251


The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of an 8-week Pilates exercise program on menopausal symptoms and lumbar strength and flexibility in postmenopausal women. In total, 74 postmenopausal women were recruited and randomly allocated to a Pilates exercise group (n=45) and a control group (n=29). Menopausal symptoms were measured through a questionnaire, while lumbar strength was measured through a lumbar extension machine, and lumbar flexibility was measured through sit-and-reach and trunk lift tests performed before and after the Pilates exercise program, respectively. The Pilates exercises consisted of 7–10 min for warm-up, 35–40 min for the main program modified from Pilates Academy International, and 5–7 min for the cool-down, and were performed 3 times a week for 8 weeks. The results showed a significant decrease in menopausal symptoms except urogenital symptoms. Also, the results presented a significant increase in lumbar strength and flexibility after 8 weeks of the Pilates exercise program.

Conclusions: We concluded that an 8-week Pilates exercise program is effective in decreasing menopausal symptoms and increasing lumbar strength and flexibility.

In brief, Pilates will always meet you where you are in life's journey, supporting your body in increasing strength without causing strain or inflammation.

May you find peace in each day and joy in your body.



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