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Moving Up

Greetings Friend,

We've been enjoying seeing so many new Guests visiting the studio and thought it was time to re-visit a blog post from way back (post originally published August, 2022)!


The studio has been open for more than two months and we've started hearing a good question from Guests in our Beginner's Reformer Classes;

"How do I know when I'm ready to move up to a more difficult class?"

The short answer is; whenever you'd like!

The longer answer is, of course, a bit more involved. There are many factors in play when deciding which class(es) to take on any given week and we need look no further than the meshing of your personal schedule and TerraLuna's class schedule to see one of the reasons why. For the purposes of discussion however, let's assume that your schedule allows you to take either a Beginner's Reformer class or a Reformer class class with equal degrees of convenience.

The main difference between a Beginner's Reformer class and all other classes (aside from StretchLates) is the pace of class. Beginner's Reformer moves overall more slowly with more time to rest or stretch between activities. Other notable differences are that we generally do fewer repetitions of activities (4-6 sets) in Beginner's class than in other classes (5-8 sets). We tend to do more single activities in Beginner's class whereas other classes will flow from activity A into activity B and then continue into a combination of A + B together.

Beginner's Reformer is designed to build skills, core strength, and stamina so that Guests can participate in other classes with:

  • An understanding of basic Pilates principals like posture and breathing

  • Confidence manipulating the springs on the Reformer and other pieces of equipment

  • Sufficient strength and stability to safely participate in more challenging movements

In essence, there are two main skills that we suggest you obtain familiarity and proficiency with before moving into other classes:

  • C-Curve

  • Planks

In closing, we want to stress that Beginner's Classes are wonderful! The concept of "moving up" isn't meant to diminish or devalue Beginner's Classes or the Beginner Guest. For some Guests, Beginner's Class is a perfect fit for a variety of reasons and can remain a perfect fit for years! Folks who enjoy the pace, skill set, and atmosphere of the Beginner's Class are always welcomed to participate in Beginner's Classes as long as it fits their needs. There is absolutely no expectation whatsoever that a Guest should or would ever move away from a Beginner's Class!

As always, we are here to discuss your personal needs, goals, and thoughts and to help you make the decisions that work best for you.

Wishing you peace in each day and joy in your body.



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