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Meet the Staff: Nancy

Nancy Roberto’s Professional Fitness Instruction journey began with a certification in Spinning in 2003. Nancy taught Spinning classes all over the greater Cincinnati area before being hired at a studio that also offered Reformer Pilates. As she grew her Spinning classes, she eventually decided to try out a Reformer class and was hooked! Between the Spinning and taking Reformer classes herself, she learned quickly how the two methods complimented each other!

Nancy says “Not only did the Reformer classes help me physically but mentally as well. That’s when I decided to get certified in it in 2013.”

Nancy has been teaching Reformer as well as Pilates mat classes since and now has a passion for it! She continued with her Pilates education and in 2016 and got certified in barre Pilates.

Nancy says that “As an instructor there’s no better feeling than helping and seeing people get stronger physically and mentally and achieving their goals!”

Here are some other fun facts about your newest Instructor:

Anything you'd like to share about your family? Nancy: I've been married for 14 years, I have no kids but do have 3 four-legged ones, Simon, Sofia, Murphy.

Favorite color? Nancy: I have 2, Pink and black.

Do you have a snack or food or beverage (or all three!)? Nancy: I love Italian food and my favorite beverage is some fine wine.

How do you like to spend your free time? Nancy: I love cuddling up with our 3 big goldendoodles on the couch, walking them almost everyday at the park and spending time on Sunday mornings with the hubby finding new brunch places to eat.

If you were a super hero what would your name be? Nancy: Superdoodle Mom!

What is your dream vacation? Nancy: Spending time on Norris Lake with the husband and dogs boating and swimming with them.

What is your favorite activity on the Reformer? Nancy: leg straps

Anything else you'd like to share? Nancy: I have a saying when I'm teaching and its all in good humor. So, when the class starts complaining how hard an exercise is I say, "I'm not here to waste your time"

We’re excited for you to meet Nancy and benefit from her wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for Pilates. We feel extra lucky to have Nancy at TerraLuna because she's also just started teaching cycling at Spooky Nook's fitness center! Why not take some time now to look ahead to your winter cardio plans? Indoor cycling is a great way to get your heart-rate up and meet your body's needs for cardiovascular activity, plus cycling and Pilates are two activities that compliment one another quite well. Check out Nancy's 9:15 a.m. cycling class on Mondays and 9:45 a.m. on Tuesdays!

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