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The Reiki Reports - a blog by Erin Bright

Receiving Reiki from Erin

We are so excited to let you know that Erin Bright’s Appointment Book is now open! Here is what you need to know to schedule a Reiki Treatment with Erin:

All appointments can be booked and processed at Alchemy & Art under Services. 

Erin will be available at Terra Luna on Saturdays from 12:30pm-5:00pm for your 30 ($45) or 60 ($80) minute appointments.

Erin requests that you arrive 10 minutes early says you should expect a Google form/waiver in your inbox after booking the appointment.

I asked Erin what her "Why" was for wanting to be a Reiki Practitioner and I hope you enjoy her answer as much as I did:

Reiki is an opportunity to share the purest energy the universe has in store us. It is the channeling of energy to provide relaxation and stress reduction to facilitate the body's natural healing processes. The universe to sends us rich healthful calm energy so that we receive energetic, physical and emotional healing relieving symptoms as well as fortifying our vitality. While this is not a replacement for modern medicine it has personally made me feel so much better in my physical and emotional bodies that I want to share it.

Thank you Erin, for sharing a bit about yourself. We're looking forward to future installments of Erin's blog series The Reiki Reports!

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