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What's New on the Web?

Greetings Friends,

If you haven't visited and poked around the pages recently you are missing out. Without further ado, here's what's new on the website:

  • Meet the Staff

We've added profiles (and pictures) of all of TerraLuna's staff! Scoot on over to the TerraLuna Story tab to meet Norman Wilson, get to know our behind-the-scenes-genius Cassie, and more!

  • New Classes

A new weekly class schedule is coming your way! We have added more Reformer and Beginner's Reformer Classes to the schedule per your requests *and* we are super excited to announce a new class premiering Feb 7th:

Jump Lite is a hybrid class for the budding flyer. Short periods (5-8 minutes) of beginner-level Jumping blended with regular Pilates activities to build strength, stamina, and a love of flight. We are thrilled with the level of interest our up-and-coming Jumpers have shown and are pleased to bring you this new class consistently on the schedule beginning Feb 21st.

We love to hear Guest feedback so keep the comments coming about what you like, love, and want to see more of!

  • Trifecta Ticket

The Big News at TerraLuna HQ is our recently launched partnership with building buddy Studio Undefined and Yoga at The Benninghofen House. In the month of February Trifecta Ticket holders will be taking 2 dance fitness classes at Studio Undefined, 1 Group Reformer Class at TerraLuna, and 1 yoga class + smoothie at The Benninghofen House for 1 amazing price.

Tickets are on Pre-Sale until Feb 1st so don't miss out on the Pre-Sale Bonus!

Check out for more details.

(psssss... there are prizes!)

  • App Troubleshooting

Lastly, and not quite as much fun as the above, is the difficulty many Guests have been experiencing with the Spaces by Wix app. Specifically, booked classes are appearing correctly on the Pilates Class Schedule tab but are not appearing correctly on the Upcoming Sessions of the Home tab.

Rest assured that classes successfully booked and showing on the Pilates Class Schedule tab are the key. That portion of the app is what actually reserves your space in class and coordinates with the studio and Instructor's schedules.

To trouble-shoot the Home tab issue, please take the following steps:

  1. Ensure your device current on all updates

  2. Refresh your screen on the app

  3. If that doesn't work log out of the Spaces by Wix app and log back in

  4. If that still doesn't work delete the app and reinstall it using invite code LRQYUK

  5. If all else fails these problems are confined to the app so you still have options. Using a desktop computer you can book and see your upcoming agenda without problems. If using a tablet or phone, go into the website via a web browser instead of the app.

We apologize for the inconvenience and worry this is causing. We're working with our web host to fix these issues and will keep you updated.

January is off to an amazing start at TerraLuna and we have only you to thank!

We're grateful for your class attendance, your membership purchases, your touching social media posts, and your referrals to others. We wouldn't be here without your support.

May you find peace in each day and joy in your body.



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