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Attainable Goals: Resolutions for the Perfectionist

Greetings Friends,

We're into January a wee bit and thinking about those New Year's Resolutions we did (or did not) make. If you did choose to set some goals recently, we at TerraLuna hope you've:

1) read the previous blog post and,

2) asked yourself; is this resolution serving you?

We are asking this difficult question because many common resolutions seem designed to fail and not much feels worse than the experience of failure.

Some prime "doomed-from-the-start" examples from the smoking crater of New Year's Resolutions Past:

"lose weight"

"exercise more"

"eat healthier"

A major factor these resolutions all have in common is that they are not "SMART". SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based and there are many fine articles out there about SMART goals if you are interested in learning more.

Let's focus on what we at TerraLuna believe forms the foundation of all goals: Attainability. As promised in our last blog post, we are here to support you as you set attainable goals from a place of self-love and we are here to encourage you as you plan manageable steps towards achieving those goals!

For inspiration we again turn to Kara Lowentheil J.D. and Master Certified Coach. Her "UnF*ck Your Brain" podcast episode #218 dated 12-30-2021 touches on the difference between attainable and unattainable goals.

Let’s look at the “eat healthier” resolution. What does this even mean? A complete lifestyle overhaul? The inner perfectionist says “yes; go hard or go home, no pain, no gain!” Going 100% sugar-free organic vegan is possibly an admirable goal but is it attainable? Probably not. What about the smaller, more concrete choice to add one piece of fruit to lunch or drink water with dinner instead of soda?

In the wisdom of Kara Lowentheil, if the goal seems so small as to be practically insignificant, it is, in all likelihood, an excellent goal! If your inner perfectionist is screaming that you’re not trying hard enough you are probably on the right path.

I wish for you peace in each day and joy in your body.



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