Every Body Is Welcome!

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Exercise For Every Body


Not already a size 0 athletic supermodel?

Most of us aren't! 

Real bodies need real exercise that they can enjoy. No matter your current body shape, size, or level of fitness, you are welcome at TerraLuna.  


We are here to meet you as you are, today.

We are here to listen as you define wellness for yourself.
We are here to celebrate you as you reach for tomorrow.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise program originally developed by Joseph Pilates. Pilates participants focus on developing strength and flexibility through the art of controlled movement.

Pilates is a series of activities guided by a certified instructor who ensures proper technique and provides an enjoyable and safe workout designed to improve core strength, tone and lengthen the muscles, increase flexibility, and improve balance.

Some Pilates studios offer mat classes which take place on a yoga mat on the floor. TerraLuna is special in that we offer only Reformer Pilates.

The Reformer is the piece of equipment featuring a sliding platform called a carriage and a series of springs and pulleys attached to straps for the hands or feet. Reformer Pilates allows for a wide range of exercises that stretch, strengthen and support the body. 

Pilates can be modified to accommodate most body types and health concerns. Many of the activities are done lying down and are accessible for all ages, fitness levels, and many health challenges such as joint pain or previous injuries. 

Never tried Pilates before?  Today is your day!
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we're here to help

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